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 Value Assignment Types and Characteristics Setup

Each value assignment type is linked to a class of class type 100. In the SAP Classification (CA-CL) component, you can assign any number of characteristics to a class (see also Creating Characteristic Fields in EH&S ).

In Customizing for Basic Data and Tools you assign a class to each individual value assignment type. In this way, the value assignment type inherits the characteristics of the class. The value assignment types can belong to different value assignment categories (see Value Assignment ).

Characteristics can have the following data types:

Numerical characteristics

Number range numerical characteristics

User-defined alphanumerical characteristics

Predefined format characteristics (alphanumerical)

Phrase library-related characteristics (data type Character Format with 30 characters)

Numerical characteristics are assigned a default unit of measurement. In fields such as these, you only need to enter the value as a number. The unit of measurement is added after you have confirmed your entry . You can only use other units of measurement if these are contained in the unit of measurement table, have identical dimensions, and if the conversion parameters have been specified.

If you have created new characteristics, you must execute the Match up value assignment type - characteristics function in master data matchup to update the display.

We recommend you use the IMG activity Adopt Standard Database Structure to adopt the classes and characteristics supplied with the standard system.