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 Differentiation of Value-Only and Value/Quantity Differences


For automatic postings in case of differences in self-billing, the system differentiates between value-only and value-and-quantity differences. This differentiation is not only important information for the person responsible, it also affects the statistics update in the system, in particular the Logistics Information System (that is, the Sales Information System) and CO-PA (statistics on revenue values and sales quantities.)

For example, differentiation between value-only and value/quantity differences means that automatic postings created for value differences do not cause an increase in billed quantities in the Sales Information System. Differences in quantity, however, are updated to the information system.

For this purpose, SAP has shipped as standard two new document types (optional) and two new item categories (always needed), both called G2WT and L2WT.


  • The ACTION codes must be set correctly. See Table of ACTION Codes to Control Self-Billing/Retro-Billing .

  • The item category set for value-only differences in the General Parameters must be an item category that has been defined as a "value item" in Customizing for Sales and Distribution. You do this by setting the value A (value item) in the Item type field. See also Automatic Posting Settings in General Parameters .

  • The item category determination for the two new "value" document types, G2WT and L2WT, must be set so that the two new item categories G2WT and L2WT are found and used in all possible cases.

Note Note

If you use the standard document types G2 and L2, the document types must be set for the request documents under Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step General Parameters End of the navigation path . You have two alternatives

1. You set G2/L2 for both quantity-only and quantity/value postings. In this case, item categories are necessary, so you must enter the item categories for value-only transactions (G2WT and L2WT) in the item category assignment, so that they are allowed for the document types G2 and L2.

2. You set G2/L2 and G2WT/L2WT respectively. In this case, the system finds the correct item categories via item category determination.

End of the note.
  • You must set the system so that when a G2WT or L2WT request document is created for an initial billing document, the value-only item categories are set and used for all possible item categories in the target document.

Process Flow

For an example of the settings required and the process flow, see Example of Differentiation of Difference Type .