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 Document Types


The following document types are relevant for the SAP Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) component:

  • Report templates (SBV) use symbols of various symbol types to define the layout of your reports. The link between report templates and report generation variants enables you to generate reports (SBR) and final reports (SBE).

  • Reports (SBR) are generated for specifications using released report templates and contain expanded specification data.

  • Final reports (SBE) are based on released reports, which were completed in report shipping in an additional generation run by adding data from other SAP components.

  • Cover sheet templates (DBV) use symbols of various symbol types to define the layout of cover sheets, such as accompanying letters for a report.

  • The cover sheet (DBE) is generated directly from a cover sheet template. Cover sheets are generated at the same time as the final report.

  • Inbound documents (IBD) are documents that are scanned in or transferred from external systems.

  • Just like cover sheet templates, you can define acknowledgement of receipt templates (EBV) that are then used to generate acknowledgements of receipt (EBE). To do this, you must have made the following settings in the Report Shipping section in Customizing for Product Safety :

    • In the IMG activity Specify Shipping Reasons, set the indicator for acknowledgement of receipt.

    • In the IMG activity Assign Templates: Cover Sheets/Acknowledgements of Receipt , make the assignments as required.

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