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 Category Group


A structure element in the appraisal catalog under which you can create different appraisal-process categories such as personnel appraisals, course appraisals, and employee surveys.

System administrators are usually responsible for creating category groups.


To depict a personnel appraisal process in the appraisal catalog, a category group must have been defined in which you can include additional categories and appraisal templates. The first time you call the appraisal catalog, a category group is created automatically.

The following properties are stored in a category group:

  • Object type (such as course, person, or user) for which the appraisal process is allowed. For the sake of consistency, you cannot change the object type of a category group after the appraisal template has been created.

  • Status flow properties

    • Status/Substatus

      You can select all the entries displayed on this tab page for the appraisal process. The standard statuses are In Preparation, In Planning , and Completed. You cannot change these statuses.

    • Person Authorized

      On this tab page, the authorization to change the status is assigned according to the user’s role.

      Note Note

      You can find additional information on authorizations in the documentation for Authorizations in Performance Management (Objective Setting and Appraisals) .

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    • Workflow Event

      You can select all workflows available on this tab page. The workflows you select are offered for selection at appraisal-template/criteria-group level.

These attributes exist for all hierarchically dependent elements in the appraisal catalog.

Note Note

To display the properties of a category group, position the cursor on a category group and choose Category Group Display from the context menu.

The system displays the selected category group together with the allowed object types and status of the category in the right half of the screen.

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