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 Displaying Posted Revenues


You can use the Posting Document for Revenues transaction (VF43) to display posted revenues. There are various criteria for selecting SD document data or accounting data.You get a comprehensive view of all posted revenues for the relevant SD or accounting document.


In the header data you see information about the SD document number or accounting document, such as company code, document date, and posting period.

The SD documents and the corresponding items are displayed in a tree structure. On item level, you see the processing status as a colored status flag:

  • Green – Revenues completely recognized/billed

    Revenue recognition is complete for this item.

  • Red – Error in revenue recognition

    This is a rough final check.The total value of the recognized revenues should correspond to the total accrual value, for example.If this is not the case, you see a red status flag.

  • Yellow – Revenues not completely processed

    The revenues for this item still have to be recognized or billed.

The revenue postings show a detailed view of all revenues that have been posted. The revenue postings display is "accounting-friendly" since the accounting document is broken down into debit and credit postings. You can also display additional detailed information about navigation operations and functions.

Navigation with single-click



Sales document number

Sales document

Subsequent document number

Subsequent document

G/L account number

G/L account: central

Group number

Collective processing log

Reference no. of FI document

In dialog box: Documents in accounting

Revenue event number

Revenue postings

Navigation with double-click



Document number

Accounting document

Posting line

Revenue recognition: Overview

Navigation with pushbutton



Revenue overview

Revenue recognition: Overview for selected line

All revenue postings

All postings lines of selected document


In dialog box: Documents in accounting