Start Level 1 Node: Insurance Object and Insurance Object-Partner RelationshipInsurance Object and Insurance Object-Partner RelationshipEnd Level 1 Node: Insurance Object and Insurance Object-Partner Relationship
   Start Level 2 Node: Insurance Object CategoryInsurance Object CategoryEnd Level 2 Node: Insurance Object Category
   Start Level 2 Node: Using Insurance Object-Partner RelationshipsUsing Insurance Object-Partner RelationshipsEnd Level 2 Node: Using Insurance Object-Partner Relationships
   Start Level 2 Node: Controlling Specifications in the Insurance ObjectControlling Specifications in the Insurance ObjectEnd Level 2 Node: Controlling Specifications in the Insurance Object
   Start Level 2 Node: Creating/Changing/Displaying Ins. Object-Partner RelationshipsCreating/Changing/Displaying Ins. Object-Partner RelationshipsEnd Level 2 Node: Creating/Changing/Displaying Ins. Object-Partner Relationships