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 Creating a Billing Document


During billing document creation, you can create invoices, credit memos, debit memos, cancellations, etc.


The following options are available for billing document creation:

  • Automatic processing of the billing due list in the background

This can also be carried out periodically (e.g. every day at 10 PM) and automatically by the system.

  • Manual processing of the billing due list

You enter selection criteria. The system then selects all the documents fulfilling this criteria and enters them in a billing due list which you can process.

  • Explicit invoice for a delivery or an order You can refer to an entire document, individual items or partial quantities of items.

You can create billing documents in the following ways:

You can also have the system create invoices for a customer at regular intervals (periodic billing). In this case, the system selects the documents to be billed by the date defined in the billing schedule.

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