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 Automatic Posting in Case of Differences


In the case of value-only or value-/quantity differences the system automatically creates additional postings so that the receivables correspond to the delivery item that was transmitted in the self-billing document.


Process Flow

Technically speaking, the automatic postings are created via normal SD documents in the background. Firstly, the system creates a credit or debit memo request (technically via an SD order document). This is then immediately converted into an SD billing document, that is, a credit or debit memo.

The system ignores any billing blocks that are set for the document type. Conversion to billing document occurs immediately regardless of billing blocks.

The system differentiates between postings that are relevant only for value and postings that are relevant for both value and quantity. Certain SD settings enable the system to process the value-only postings (for example, item categories or order reasons) correctly.

See Differentiation of Value-Only and Value/Quantity Differences .


The system automatically creates clearing postings and new open items for differences, according to the settings you have made in Customizing for self-billing and for Sales and Distribution.