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Object documentationXSS Adapter


The Employee Self-Service or XSS adapter is accessed by the Generic Interaction Layer (GenIL) class CL_HRPAD_IL.


The XSS adapter used in the Personal Profile application is CL_HRPA_PERNR_INFTY_XSS. The class performs Create/Read/Update/Delete (CRUD) operations on the Human Capital Management (HCM) data objects in the database. A single instance of this class is maintained for a specific PERNR and infotype.

For more information, see Generic Interaction Layer (GenIL).

Note Note

The adapter returns data only for those infotypes and subtypes that have been maintained in table V_T7XSSPERSUBTY. For more information, see Customizing for Employee Self-Service (WDA) under Start of the navigation path Service-specific Settings Next navigation step Personal Information Next navigation step Personal Profile Next navigation step Determine Active Subtypes and Make Settings End of the navigation path.

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