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This report is used to select data to be deleted by the sales organization of a DMR, by DMR number (number range) and by DMR status (complete or alternatively subsequent DM being paid).


This is a stand-alone report. The idea is that the report is run after archiving of the VBAK / VBAP tables belonging to the SD. The report deletes the data from the new tables. All the entries will be deleted from the table which do not have the corresponding entries in VBAK / VBAP any more (because of the archiving). The purpose of this is to speed up the operation by deleting data that are not required after an archiving.

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The user must have appropriate authorization to run the report.

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  • The start screen triggers a batch program, which deletes the history data stored with reference to the DMR. Depending on the start parameter the system checks if: The DMR status is complete (VBAK status) or alternatively the subsequent DM is fully paid.

  • The user can select one of the options on the screen and a DMR number range and a sales organization. At execution program, will seek through the DMR and determine, if the above conditions are met. If the conditions are met, history data is removed/deleted.