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SAP Geographical Enablement Framework works as the foundation to extend business data with geometric attributes for SAP Business Suite applications. As a framework leveraging the spatial capabilities inherent in SAP HANA, it enables organizations to develop geospatially enriched business data, and make them accessible from within SAP applications as well as external GIS (Geographical Information System) systems. The framework is being delivered with a standalone Geometry Explorer, Geometry Editor, and a template for the Business Partner business object as an example for spatially enabling other business objects.

In addition to the features included in Support Package 0, the SAP Geographical Enablement Framework Support Package 1 contains the following new features:
  • APIs for application development using the framework
  • Provides a geometry buffering functionality for the application to synchronize with the embedded map UI provided by the framework, as well as update geometries and application data concurrently
  • Supports create, query, update and delete functionality for geo-enabled business objects and/or their geometry using standard GIS tools
    Note Implementation of Esri ArcGIS Server REST API, SAP, or custom content extension required.
  • Filter search results by geometry
  • Find current location
  • View dynamic business layers based on application filter settings
  • Enhanced Customizing
  • Various improvements based on customers' feedback
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SAP Business Suite Foundation 7.47 SP13 and higher

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