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The TransientProvider Derived from a Classic InfoSet is an InfoProvider that allows access to the data of an InfoSet from BI tools without the need for the InfoProvider to be modeled in the BW system or for the data to be replicated in the BW system.


Note that the term InfoSets here relates to SAP Application Server (AS) objects that can be created in every SAP system and that are referred to as Classic InfoSets in the context of SAP BW. It does not refer to the BW-specific type InfoSet that is used for modeling in the Data Warehouse. In the following section, the term InfoSet relates to the AS objects.

The system automatically and dynamically creates the InfoProvider and the corresponding InfoObjects using the InfoSet definition, provided that this has been released in the InfoSet maintenance transaction. The data can be called directly from the InfoSet in BI tools that use BEx queries as a unique query layer. In particulare, these can be the tools contained in SAP Business Explorer, as well as SAP BusinessObjects tools like Crystal Reports or Xcelsius. You can continue to edit queries created on the basis of InfoSets in the BI tools in the same way as with queries based on other InfoProviders.

Prerequisite for using an InfoSet as a TransientProvider

To be suitable for BI release, an InfoSet must have a homogenous result structure.

Functions of the InfoSet

In their function as TransientProviders, InfoSets offer the following functions:

  • InfoSets can prepare texts automatically without the need for you to load master data. More information: Text Field.

  • Selections made in the InfoSet maintenance transaction are available in the variables editor in the BEx query.

Naming convention for TransientProviders

When selecting InfoProviders in the query definition, you will be able to recognise TransientProviders derived from a classic InfoSet by the following naming convention: The technical name of the TransientProvider consists of the prefix @1 and the technical name of the InfoSet. If the technical name of the InfoSet is INFOSET_A, for example, the name of the InfoProvider is @1INFOSET_A.

Functions of the TransientProvider

For certain fields, such as fields of type DATS, InfoObjects from the BW system are used when creating the TransientProvider. This makes it possible, for example, to display calendars in the BI tools for data fields, and the users do not have to enter the date manually. Standard hierarchies are also available for the date.


Queries based on TransientProvidern derived from classic InfoSets do not support any display and nivigation attributes, or any hierarchies.