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 Down Payment Request

Process Flow

You create the down payment request as a special billing document in SD (Sales and Distribution). You can either carry this out using the billing index (transaction VF04) or specifically for a sales order with down payment agreements (transaction VF01). In the standard system the billing type FAZ is set as the down payment requirement using billing category P.

Note Note

In the standard system the billing type FAS is available for canceling a

down payment requirement.

End of the note.

When transfering into FI (financial accounting) a down payment requirement is created as a noted item in the ‘down payment requirement’ account in financial accounting. The account ‘down payment requirement’ has no effect on the balance sheet or the profit and loss account.

You can see the created down payment requests in the document flow for the sales order.

You can print out the down payment requirement and send it. To print out you do not need an extra printing program or form. You just use RVADIN01 which is set up for billing documents in the standard system with the form RVINVOICE01. The following information is also given for down payment requests:

  • ‘Down payment request appears in the billing header.

  • The total is labeled as ‘payment to be made’.

  • The billing value contains the text ‘Amount to be paid’

Example Example

Down payment request:

Postings in Financial Accounting:

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