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 Shipping (LE-SHP)

Implementation Options

Shipping is an important part of the logistics chain in which guaranteed customer service and distribution planning support play major roles.

In shipping processing, all delivery procedure decisions can be made at the start of the process by

  • Taking into account general business agreements with your customer

  • Recording special material requests

  • Defining shipping conditions in the sales order

The result is an efficient and largely automatic shipping process in which manual changes are only necessary under certain circumstances.


The Shipping component is integrated under the Logistics Execution component. Shipping is a subsequent activity of the Sales component.

Range of Functions

The shipping module supports the following functions, which include but are not limited to:

  • Deadline monitoring for reference documents due for shipment (sales orders and purchase orders, for instance)

  • Creating and processing outbound deliveries

  • Planning and monitoring of worklists for shipping activities

  • Monitoring material availability and processing outstanding orders

  • Monitoring the warehouse's capacity situation

  • Picking (with optional link to the Warehouse Management system)

  • Packing deliveries

  • Information support for transportation planning

  • Support of foreign trade requirements

  • Printing and transmitting shipping documents

  • Processing goods issue

  • Controlling using overviews of

  • Deliveries currently in process

  • Activities that still are to be carried out

  • Possible bottlenecks

A list of deliveries posted as goods issue in the shipping department could be used to form a worklist for the billing department.