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  Authorizations for Hierarchy Areas in Activity-Based Costing


In the Activity-Based Costing component (CO-OM-ABC), you can issue authorizationsfor hierarchy levelsas well as for individual business processes.

A hierarchy area comprises one or more business processes, or one or more nodes of the standard hierarchy for Activity-Based Costing.

If you issue authorization for a node in the ABC standard hierarchy, this authorization applies to all the nodes and business processes below this node. You do not need to issue separate authorization for nodes and individual business processes.

The authorization concept enables you to easily issue detailed and general authorizations.

Note Note

You can only issue authorizations for standard hierarchy nodes in Activity-Based Costing, not for nodes of other cost center hierarchies.

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For each hierarchy area you can issue authorizations for maintaining business process master data, manual business process planning, maintaining templates and displaying change documents.

For example, you can issue the person responsible for a business process with the authorization to plan business processes in their CO-OM area of responsibility, or to display change documents using these business processes.

Example Example

You cannot issue authorizations for one CO-OM responsibility area for allocations in planning and for actual postings.

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The authorization check determines whether the user is authorized to execute the given action for the business process or node in the standard hierarchy for Activity-Based Costing. If this authorization is missing, the system checks the authorizations within the standard hierarchy for each of the higher-level nodes. If such a node is found, the user has authorization for all of the lower-level nodes and business processes. If no such node is found up to the top node of the hierarchy, the user cannot carry out the action.

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