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 Processing Empties Master Data


Empties master data contains all the information about the business partner (customer master) and material (material master) needed for Empties Management. You use the empties master data to specify basic characteristics that define usage in empties processing.


You have made the necessary basic settings for empties in Customizing.

  • You have set the Empties material indicator for empties material types in Customizing and you manage these on a quantity basis in the stock. Value-based management is optional.

  • You have defined the empties-specific item category groups in Customizing.

  • You have stored the grouping of empties materials in the empties groups and configured the print column for the dynamic empties block on delivery notes in Customizing for Sales and Distribution under Start of the navigation path Billing Next navigation step Empties Update Next navigation step Manage Empties Groups End of the navigation path .


The following empties-specific parameters in the system (grouped by views) allow you to process empties master data:

  • Material master data for Empties Management in the Sales and Distribution(SD) component

    • Screen: Basic data 1

      • General item category group

      • Gross weight/net weight

    • Screen: Sales: Sales organization 2

      • General item category group

      • Item category group

      • Empties group

      • Print column

    • Screen: Accounting 1

      • Valuation class

  • Customer master data for Empties Management in the Sales and Distribution(SD) component

    • Switch off empties deposits (no processing logic defined)

    • Switch off Empties Update indicator

  • Material master data for Empties Management in the component MM

    • Screen: Basic data 1

      • Structured empties/full product


  1. Make the following settings for Empties Management in SD in the material master:


    • The characteristics that describe the material

    • Which control functions the material has during empties processing

  2. Define whether the following functions are to be activated for Empties Management in the customer master:

    • Empties deposits

    • Empties update

      The entries you make here generally determine whether a customer is involved in empties processing or not.

  3. Make the following settings in MM:

    Define which material is handled as a full product, structured empty, or normal material in the material master for Empties Management.