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 Texts for Rebate Agreements


You can maintain long texts for rebate agreements.

These give information, e.g. on the following:

  • Information on the condition record system

  • Information on licenses

  • Information on invalidity

If you wish, long texts in the rebate agreement can also be transferred into documents (e.g. into the credit memo request for a rebate payment and from there into the rebate credit memo.

Note Note

For texts in Price Conditions, transferring to documents is not supported.

Texts are not copied over when creating rebate agreements with references.

End of the note.

The following text types are set up in the standard system:

  • 0001: Opening comments

  • 0002: Licenses

  • 0003: Closing comments

  • 1000: Bonus payment

There are some buttons in the condition record for text maintenance.

You can also use an editor for a text type. This allows you to create body text (For information on controlling this, see Customizing).


In Customizing for Text Determination you can set up your own text types.

For an agreement type decide which text type should appear in the agreement for maintenance with "Text Edit Control".

When text is transferred from the bonus agreement to the bonus documents, the document pricing procedure ‘B3’ is set up in the standard system with the text type 1000.