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  EH&S Expert


The data stored in specification management is sometimes interdependent and properties can be derived from other properties using rules. Using the EH&S Expert add-on application, you can:

  • Define sets of rules and create and edit the corresponding mapping tables

  • Derive secondary data for specification data using these sets of rules and mapping tables

For example, you can set up the system so that appropriate R and S phrases are derived for certain specification data and are then stored in the SAP system accordingly.


See How the EH&S Expert Works .


  • You have performed all the described steps in the EH&S Expert section of Customizing for Basic Data and Tools . This section describes, for example, how you install the EH&S Expert and how you create the entries for secondary data determination in user exit management that are needed for the EH&S Expert.

  • If language-dependent data is to be written or read by the EH&S Expert, you must have set the MULTI_CODEPAGE_SUPPORT environment parameter in Customizing for Basic Data and Tools under Specify Environment Parameters .