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 Creating Payment Specifications


You create payment specifications to group items into one payment.


  1. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation step Payment Specification Next navigation step Payment Specification for Payment Run End of the navigation path or Payment Specification for Payment Lot.

  2. Enter parameters for the selection of the items and a line layout variant, and confirm your entries.

  3. On the Basic Data tab, make the following specifications for the payment:

    • Payer (business partner, contract account)

      You can define a default value at event 0618.

    • Payment method, paying company code

    • Bank details/card details of business partner

    • Bank details of company (house bank ID, house bank account ID)

    • Run date

    • Text for payment (optional)

    • Reference number for payment (optional)

    On the Additional Data tab, you can enter data for the commitment item and the creation of the payment media (DME data, such as recipient code and instruction key).

Note Note

A line item cannot be included in several payment specifications of the category Payment Lot at the same time. This means that for one item, you cannot make specifications in different currencies, for example, and then, when an incoming payment in a specific currency is received, mark the payment specification that was used, and then delete or archive the other specifications not required, at a later date.

End of the note.

You can also create payment specifications without an item reference. The system creates a header record, but no item records. You can assign the related items to the payment specification later.

Items, for which there is a payment specification of the category Payment Run, are protected from clearing in other clearing processes (except for the payment run). Information to this effect appears in the status display of open item processing.