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 General Authorization Object for Internal Orders


The general authorization object for Internal Orders (K_ORDER), allows you to issue authorizations for CO-OM responsibility areas in the Internal Orders component CO-OM-OPA.


This authorization object lets you issue authorizations for the following actions within a CO-OM responsibility area for Internal Orders:

  • Maintain order master data

  • Manual order planning

  • Budget orders

  • Actions in the information system

You can issue each of the authorizations for one CO-OM responsibility area. If the order has a responsible cost center, the CO-OM responsibility area can be the order, the responsible cost center or a node of the standard hierarchy for Cost Center Accounting. If the order does not have a responsible cost center, the CO-OM responsibility area covers only the order itself.


The authorization object consists of the following fields:

  • Actions for the CO-OM authorization check

  • Order type

  • Internal order authorization: Authorization phase

  • Cost element

  • CO-OM responsibility area for authorizations

You can protect one or more of the following actions:

  • 0001: Create master data

  • 0002: Change master data

  • 0003: Display master data

  • 0008: Display change documents

  • 0011: Release

  • 0012: Undo release

  • 0013: Complete technically

  • 0014: Close

  • 0015: Lock

  • 0016: Unlock

  • 0017: Set deletion flag

  • 0018: Undo deletion flag

  • 0019: Set deletion indicator

  • 0020: Change user status

  • 0030: Maintain settlement rule

  • 0031: Maintain settlement parameters

  • 1002: Create/change planning data

  • 1003: Display planning data

  • 1502: Change budget

  • 1503: Display budget

  • 3027: Select totals records

  • 3028: Select line items

  • 3029: Display extracts

Note Note

If required, you can use authorization object K_ORDER as well as the other authorization objects for Internal Orders.

End of the note.

For more information, see the system documentation for authorization object K_ORDER.