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Object documentationDocument Template Objects


A document template can contain the following objects:

  • Static objects

    Static objects are neither language-dependent nor dependent on specifications. You enter these objects in the template using the Microsoft Word menus and functions such as:

    • Separators

    • Graphics

    • Tables

    • Colors

    • Headers and footers

    • Text boxes

    In addition, you can use the characters and paragraph formats of Microsoft Word.

  • Symbols as placeholders for data

    You use symbols (see Symbols) to retrieve data from the SAP component specification management (specification symbols), the SAP component phrase management (descriptor symbols), and other SAP components (parameter symbols). Symbols are assigned to a symbol type accordingly:

    Note Note

    Symbols for the Recipe Management SAP component belong for technical reasons to the symbol type Specification.

    End of the note.
  • Control objects

    Control objects control data selection and data output. The following objects are available in the system and are technically assigned to other symbol types: