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Legal means of payment in a country.


In external accounting, you assign a company code currency to each company code. You can also specify one or two parallel currencies for a company code, which are recorded in the external accounting documents. Examples of parallel currencies are currencies from other organizational units ( group currency, hard currency, global company currencyor index-based currency).

When you create a controlling area, you specify whether the controlling area currencymay differ from the company code currency, and which particular currency is to be the controlling area currency.

You can use the company code currency or the currency of a different organizational unit recorded as a parallel currency in the company code. You can also use a separate controlling area currency not dependent on the company code currency.

Cross-company code cost accounting can therefore be performed for company codes that use values recorded in different currencies. SAP recommends that you specify a consistent parallel currency for the company codes, and use this as the controlling area currency. In this case, postings in Controlling are made that are relevant for Accounting.

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