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 Dunning by Dunning Procedure for Insurance Companies


With the Dunning by Dunning Procedure for Insurance Companies component, you can create and send payment reminders or dunning letters to your business partners to remind them of overdue payables and to request payment.

You can print correspondence using the component Correspondence or using the application forms of the Print Workbench that you have defined.


In dunning by dunning procedure for insurance companies, the system supports the following dunning procedure types:

  • Individual Dunning

    In an individual dunning notice, all items in a contract are considered independently of one another. This means that you can have several dunning procedures for one contract.

  • Collective Dunning

    In a collective dunning notice, all items in a contract are dunned with one dunning procedure.

  • Multi-Collective Dunning

    In multi-collective dunning, multiple collective dunning notices can exist in parallel for a business partner-insurance object relationship.

  • Contract Dunning

    In a contract dunning notice, only one current dunning procedure exists at any one point in time. This refers to the oldest item.

  • Account Dunning

    Account dunning means that all items for a contract account, which are due for dunning, are dunned on a cross-contract basis.

The dunning procedures to be used are determined in the dunning proposal run and saved in the item.