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 General Authorization Object for CCA


The general authorization object for Cost Center Accounting (K_CCA) allows you to issue authorizations for CO-OM responsibility areas within Cost Center Accounting (CO-OM-CCA).


This authorization object lets you issue authorizations within a CO-OM responsibility area of Cost Center Accounting for actions such as maintaining cost center master data, manual cost center planning, or for actions in the information system.

You can issue each of the authorizations for one CO-OM responsibility area.


The authorization object consists of the following fields:

  • Actions for the CO-OM authorization check

  • Cost element

  • CO-OM responsibility area for authorizations

You can protect one or more of the following actions:

  • 0001: Create master data

  • 0002: Change master data

  • 0003: Display master data

  • 0006: Delete master data

  • 0008: Display change documents

  • 1002: Create/change planning data

  • 1003: Display planning data

  • 3027: Select totals records

  • 3028: Select line items

  • 3029: Display extracts

Note Note

If required, you can use authorization object K_CCA as well as the other authorization objects for Cost Center Accounting.

End of the note.