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 Collections and Disbursements (FS-CD)


You can use Collections/Disbursements for Insurance , you can perform all collection and disbursement tasks across different lines of business. These tasks include open item accounting, payment processing, incoming payment processing, correspondence, and dunning. You can also map broker accounting and coinsurance business.

SAP Insurance Collections/Disbursements provides you with all necessary functions for subledger accounting in insurance business.

Implementation Considerations

The functions of SAP Insurance Collections/Disbursements are part of the Insurance Business Function Set (BFS). To be able to use these functions, you must activate this Business Function Set. For more information about this BFS, see the SAP Library under Start of the navigation path SAP Business Function Set Next navigation step Insurance End of the navigation path .

To implement Collections/Disbursements , make the Customizing settings given in the IMG structure Start of the navigation path SAP Insurance Next navigation step Collections/Disbursements. End of the navigation path


Collections/Disbursements is part of the SAP for Insurance solution.

As a settling system, Collections/Disbursements must be provided with the necessary posting data by administrative systems such as Incentive and Commission Management, Claims Management, Reinsurance Management and Policy Management. An open interface is available for this purpose.

The following graphic shows the position of Collections/Disbursements as the settling system in a possible system landscape.

Special integration functions allow you to transfer status and process information back to the settling systems.

Collections/Disbursements also forms the integrated interface to the SAP G/L and to Controlling. You can also transfer data required for special evaluations to special ledgers.

For more information, see the section entitled Integration and Data Exchange .


As the settling system, SAP Insurance Collections/Disbursements controls payment transactions, clearing and dunning processing and manages postings, as well as displaying posting data for G/L and subledger accounts.

Collections/Disbursements functions also include the following central areas:

Collections/Disbursements also provides general functions such as archiving, functions for job control, and efficient data processing in mass runs.