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Function documentationMaintaining the Database and Testing


Various reports are available to give you a complete overview of the relevant data so that you can process and manage requests easily. These reports thereby provide you with support during the implementation and test phase.

Note Note

You can access the reports and tables listed below in transaction PTARQ (Test Environment for Leave Request). This transaction enables you to access quickly the tools you need during the implementation and test phase. Note that the transaction is primarily intended for SAP-internal use and is not officially part of the standard system offering.

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You can use the following reports, tools, and system tables. For more information about the reports, see the corresponding report documentation.

Reports for Controlling Processing

  • RPTARQEMAIL (Send E-Mails)

  • RPTARQPOST (Leave Requests: Post)

  • RPTARQSTOPWF (Leave Requests: Complete Current Workflows)

  • RPTARQLIST (Leave Requests: Check)

  • RPTARQAPP (Leave Requests: Approve Documents)

  • RPTARQMASS_APPROVAL (Leave Requests: Mass Approval)

  • RPTARQERR (Leave Requests: Process Posting Errors)

Reports for Testing Customizing Settings

  • RPTREQWEBMO (Determine Rule Group). You can use this report to determine the most important organizational assignments for individual employees or organizational units that are to be evaluated in the Web application.

  • RPTREQAPPRCHK (Determine Approver). You can use this report to check whether the system determines an employee's supervisor correctly.

Reports for Displaying and Maintaining the Database

  • RPTARQDBVIEW (Display Leave Requests (Database of Requests) You can use this report to view all information relating to the leave requests that have been entered.

  • RPTARQDBVIEW (Delete Leave Requests (Database of Requests) You can use this report to remove out-of-date requests from the database.

System Tables

Caution Caution

The following tables are SAP tables. You must not make any changes to them. If you do, the process of leave requests may no longer function as it is supposed to.

End of the caution.
  • PTREQ_STATUS_CHK (Check Methods for Status Transitions)

  • PTREQ_STATUS_TRA (Status Transitions)

  • V_PTREQ_TYPE (Document Type)

Test Programs

The test programs RPTARQUIATEST (Test Report for the UIA Interface for Leave Requests) and RPTARQAPTEST (Test Report for the UIA Area Pages for Leave Requests) enable you to test processing in the backend system. You can use it to simulate the entry of leave requests in the Web application.

Caution Caution

End of the caution.

The test program should be used only in test systems; you must not use it in your production system.