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 Distribution of Business Partner Data

You can distribute business partner data in different ways.

Here you have the following options:

Replication by means of the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (XI)

The integration scenario BusinessPartnerReplication with the relevant message interfaces , the Message type ABABusinessPartner , interface mappings and the XSLT mapping ABABusinessPartner700ToABABusinessPartner700 are available for this.

Distribution via the ALE/IDoc interfaces

The following interfaces for business partner and relationship data are provided for this purpose: published on non-SAP site


Data is distributed in both cases with the help of the complex structures BUS_EI_EXTERN (business partner data) and BURS_EI_EXTERN (relationship data). For more information on the structure BUS_EI_EXTERN, see the relevant system documentation.

There may be other types of distribution technology available, depending on your application.