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Function documentationObject-Based Navigation for ESS (WDA) in the SAP Portal


Object-Based Navigation (OBN) is used for the navigation within the Employee Self-Service role in the SAP NetWeaver Portal, also see Object-Based Navigation: Overview.


The Business Package for Employee Self-Services (WDA) uses business objects from the Business Package for Common Parts for navigation, also see Business Objects Used for OBN in the SAP Portal.


The required Business Objects for OBN have to exist in the Business Objects repository.


The SAP NetWeaver Portal Role Employee Self-Service ( also contains the target application (called application) that needs to be launched in case of an OBN call by a specific application (calling application). These OBN-based applications (called applications) are iViews contained in the Navigation Services folder.

These iViews are associated to the method call of the Employee Business Object. The calling application generally defines OBN-based settings via a Launchpad Role/Instance where settings such as the System Alias (i.e. the target system) and where to search for the OBN object (User Set of Roles or Source Role) can be defined.

The OBN targets are associated with iViews in the Portal Employee Self-Service role. The Business Package for Employee Self-Service (WDA) uses the following iViews for navigation:

  • Appraisal Document (

  • Appraisal Document (

  • Display Form