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Example documentationExample: Recording Working Times


Record working times

Peter Miller is a field service employee who wants to record his working times. He accesses the company intranet and selects the Web application Record Working Time. He then enters the attendance or absence type, the sender and receiver cost centers, and the number of hours he worked. To assist him with entering this information, he can use either the default values proposed or the search function.

Saving working times

He saves the recorded working times. At the end of the week, Peter wants to check the working times he has recorded before he releases them to be checked by his personnel officer.

Saving and releasing working times for approval

At the end of the week, Peter wants to release his data for approval. He first checks the working times he has already recorded and completes any data that may be missing. He then releases the working times.

Approval rejected

Peter has entered an incorrect cost center. Therefore, Peter's personnel officer does not approve his working times. The next time Peter accesses the Web application for the Time Sheet, he will see that the rejected hours are highlighted in color. He corrects the cost center and releases the working times again for approval.

Approval granted

Peter’s personnel officer approves the corrected data. The data is written to the interface tables ready for transfer to the target components.