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  Request Data


Data records in which you enter information that the system requires for technical reasons to create sales request for each distributor with the relevant materials and assortments.


The system uses request data to determine, at fixed, regular intervals to determine the following information:

  • Wholesalers for which reporting is required

  • Assortments or materials for which reporting is required for customers and objects.

The system combines the data determined for each wholesaler in a pendulum list. You can use the pendulum list to request confirmation for the listed assortments.

The following are possible options for pendulum list output:

  • Pendulum list in printed form

  • Printed pendulum list with letter

  • Pendulum list as a file

  • Pendulum list as a file with letter

  • Letter with object information


  • Request data, for example, reporting interval (at what intervals does a wholesaler have to report the indirect sales of a material?)

  • Item data, for example, origin (is a material part of an assortment?)