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Function documentationShow Related Courses on SAP Jam


With the integration of SAP Jam, you can also show the related courses in the SAP Jam groups. This integration to SAP Learning Solution can be used by course administrators to promote their training offerings where employees already communicate with colleagues on a certain subject. Featuring of course types into existing groups is used to promote the course types with already built-in communities.


  • SAP Learning Solution – EA-HR 607 SP31 or EA-HR 608 SP07.

  • SAP Netweaver Gateway – SAP_GWFND SP08

  • SAP Jam Enterprise Edition

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  • Classroom trainings and E-Learnings can be browsed from within SAP Jam using the Business Objects browser from the homepage.

  • You can access the Business Objects browser from the SAP Jam homepage where you can find objects integrated from third party system. If SAP Learning Solution is configured as one of the sources by the administrator, then you can browse all the classroom trainings and e-learning from within SAP Jam except for the ones marked as No intranet. The search box and the dropdown filter can be used to narrow the results.

  • You can feature a course type in an SAP Jam group using the hover card.

    A dedicated Learning tab appears in the SAP Jam group menu which lists all the course types by their delivery method group like Classroom Training and E-Learning.

  • You can access the delivery method group to list all the featured course types. You can further filter the course types using the dropdown menu.

  • When you choose a featured course type, you can view more details on the Thing Inspector view like course type ID, delivery method, provider, person responsible, and fee. For classroom trainings even the course dates are visible including location, language, number of available seats.

  • On the Thing Inspector view the user can choose to Like the course or enter a comment. Group members can leverage the built-in functionality to promote the course by tagging other jam users or feature the course to another group of choice.

  • If you want to book for a course, you can follow the deep-link View in Learning, which points to the corresponding course type within the learning portal. This step is necessary as the prerequisite checks and approval workflows remain in the on-premise learning system and have not been replicated in SAP Jam.

  • The group admin can further adjust the overview pages and implement specific external business object list widgets to increase the visibility of the formal trainings. Thus, users can view and access the featured course types right from the overview page.