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  Scheduling Correspondence Print Runs


You have entered the parameters for the correspondence run (see Editing Parameters for the Correspondence Print Run).


  1. Choose one of the following paths:

    • Roles Start of the navigation path Correspondence (SAP_FI_CA_CORRESPONDENCE) Next navigation step Print Correspondence End of the navigation path

    • SAP Easy Access screen Start of the navigation path Periodic Processing Next navigation step For Contract Accounts Next navigation step Correspondence Next navigation step Print End of the navigation path

      The initial screen appears.

  2. Select a correspondence print run. You do this by entering the run date and the identification.

  3. Choose Schedule Program Run. A dialog box for scheduling the program run appears.

  4. Enter a start time, or set the Start Immediately indicator.

    For more information, see Functions for Scheduling Program Runs.


The correspondence print run is now scheduled. You can no longer change the parameters.