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 Organization in Controlling


Using the SAP system, you can define each of the organizational units in your organization from the perspective of an SAP application component.

In the Financial Accounting (FI) component, you can define the organizational units for accounting in the Controlling (CO) component under controlling aspects.

The SAP system has direct links between internal and external accounting. This means that FI and CO organizational units are related.


You assign organizational units from the Financial Accounting component to the units in the Controlling component. This enables you to transfer postings relevant to cost accounting on to Controlling.

The following sections describe the organizational units in other components, which have cross-component relationships to units in Controlling. You cannot define these organizational units separately from one another.

Note Note

Cross-component relationships exist between the following organizational units in internal and external accounting:

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  • Company code in the Financial Accounting component (FI)

  • Business area in the Financial Accounting component (FI)

  • Controlling area in the Controlling component (CO)