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 Table Structures and Function Modules for Actual Data


The following section includes the planning areas that have function modules for the transfer of actual data.

The required data to be transferred for each planning area is specified.


You can currently transfer actual data from postings in internal accounting for the following areas:

  • Reposting costs

  • Reposting revenues

  • activity allocation

  • Non-allocable activities

  • Entering Statistical Key Figures

Note Note

You can transfer actual data online by making an immediate posting or by a batch input session. If you use a batch input session, then you bring the data into the system in which you are processing the session. A batch input session simulates the online entry of transaction codes and data. Normally, the system does not run the batch input session immediately after you create it, but saves it first. You can start the session at a later time, and thus avoid times of high system use. You can improve the system performance by running the session in the background.

End of the note.

The following overview illustrates the function modules for data transfer and the dependent data to be transferred.

When you transfer actual data, the system transfers the period values.

Data and Function Modules


Function Module

Reposting costs


Reposting costs with entry variant


Reposting revenues


Reposting revenues with entry variant


activity allocation


Activity allocation with entry variant


Non-allocable activities


Actual statistical key figures


Actual statistical key figures with entry variant