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Function documentationCourse Type


The grouping of courses that have the same objective, content, and form is known as course type. The learner can view detailed information relevant to a course type. The information displayed depends on the type of the delivery method of the course. Course types can be grouped to form Course Groups.


Time-dependent Course

The information displayed for a time-dependent course is as follows:

  • Messages about current activities

    When the learner books a course, cancels a course, or adds a course to the favorites, an appropriate message is displayed. Relevant error messages are also displayed.

  • General data

    • Delivery method

    • Language

    • Course duration

    • Training provider

    • Fee

  • Additional links

    • Target group

    • Links to further information

      The learner can access more information about a course on the Web by clicking it. You can directly access the SAP Knowledge Warehouse and display information stored there about the course.

    • Follow-up courses

  • Course description

  • Attainable qualifications

  • Prerequisites

  • Course dates

    The table gives detailed information about the scheduled courses. The learner can book the course or navigate to the course page to book.

For more information, see Course

Time-independent Course

The learner can book web-based training courses only from course type because there is no restriction on dates. Once the learner books a course, the system automatically launches the course. The information displayed for a time-independent course is as follows:

  • Details about learning progress and downloaded course

  • Cancel course

  • Link to display more details


The learner can perform the following activities:

  • Navigate back to Course Catalog using the Back button in the toolbar from the current Course Type page.

  • Book a course directly if the prerequisites are fulfilled

  • Cancel a course

  • Add the course type to favorites or remove from favorites

  • For time-independent courses, the learner can view more progress details

  • For time-dependent courses, the learner can navigate to course level and book, prebook, or cancel a course. If there is a waiting list for the course, the learner can make or cancel a waiting-list booking.