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 Processes in Pendulum List Management


You use Pendulum List Management to process quantity-/value-related sales information from wholesalers. You can do the following with quantity-/value-related sales information:

  • Request

  • Enter

  • Update

Process Flow

For the management of pendulum lists, you have to distinguish between preparatory and recurring tasks. In the preparatory tasks you make fundamental settings (for example, relating to wholesalers or materials) or adjust the settings in case of changes. Managing pendulum lists consists of the following steps:

Preparatory tasks:

  1. Enter request data in the system.

  2. Enter conversion data in the system.

  3. Enter update data in the system.

  4. Enter the master data, or the system reads the master data from a file.

  5. Edit the master data that was read incorrectly.

Recurring tasks:

  1. Create requests for each wholesaler.

  2. Enter the reported quantity-/value-related sales manually in the Pendulum List component, or the system reads the data from a file.

  3. Perform an update run.

  4. If errors occur, you can choose to cancel the:

    • Request

    • Request run

    • Confirmation.