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The locator allows you to search for business partners.


It consists of a tab with the tab pages Worklist and Search and can be displayed in various different ways, according to the setting made when you logged on to the system.

You can choose one of the following settings:

  • Narrow

    The locator is found in the left-hand screen area, and is thus available in parallel to the business partner interface in the work area.

  • Full screen

    The locator is displayed on the entire screen. When you select a business partner you reach the business partner interface, which is also displayed on the entire screen.

  • Hidden

    The business partner interface is started without the locator and is displayed on the entire screen.

You can use pushbuttons on the left-hand border of the screen to make the locator narrower and wider, and can choose various intermediate stages between the narrow and full screen locator. You can also switch directly to the full screen locator.

You can switch the locator on and off in order to enlarge the work area on your screen. To do this, choose the button Show/Hide Locator .

Tab PageFind

You can search for business partners and business partner categories (person, organization, group) using the tab page Find .

You can limit the search using various search criteria, such as number or search term. The hits are listed in the hit list beneath the search area. The hit list allows you to make a multiple selection.


See Address Data for more specific information on searching for business partners by means of the address version.

By choosing the pushbutton Add to My Objects , you can transfer the selected business partners to the list of your personal objects on the tab page Worklist .

From the hit list you can go directly to business partner processing, using the pushbutton Choose .

Tab PageWorklist

The tab page Worklist contains a list with selected objects.

You can display the following objects:

  • The most recently edited business partners

    The history can be used for all transactions: When you leave the business partner interface, the last ten search requests are saved.

  • Selected business partners that you have added to your list of personal objects

    You can add or remove one or more business partners from the hit lists of your personal objects.

You can branch directly to the display or change mode from the respective hit list.