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Screen area in the data entry view of the time sheet. In the worklist you can display data, which the user can copy to simplify data entry.


You can display a worklist in a separate section of the single entry screen if you have created the relevant data entry profiles in Customizing. The worklist contains employee-specific and object-related information. This information is only available if you are maintaining the time sheet for one employee using single entry.


The worklist can contain the following information:

  • Data that the employee has already entered in the time sheet

  • Data from SAP Logistics :

  • Resource planning (capacity splits)

  • Confirmation pools

  • Activities assigned to the employee based on his or her work center assignment

  • Data created using the SAP enhancement CATS0001 ( Set Up Worklist) or using the Business Add-In (BAdI) CATS_WORKLIST_ADDIN, which is displayed in the form of a customer-specific worklist.

You define the content of the worklist and fields displayed in it when you maintain profiles in Customizing.

Using the copy function, the user can copy data from the worklist to the data entry section, and overwrite it if required.

Depending on the type of data (from planning, for example), hours can also be copied. You can deactivate this function by deselecting Copy without hours when you maintain your profiles.