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Function documentationGet the Global Data (Method INITIALIZE)


This method can be used for various purposes to do things right at the start of the application. Amongst other things, this method performs the following activities:

  • It instantiates the HR Reporting re-use Document Container CL_HRGRT_DOCUMENT_CONTAINER, by calling its method get_instance.

  • It Instantiates CL_FPM by calling the factory class method CL_FPM_FACTORY~get_instance.

  • It reads and sets the header of the application for later use, where you can dynamically modify the header later from your feeder class (e.g. with the payroll period selected by the user, or date selection, etc.).


In order to define this method, call super class INITIALIZE, see also the following code example.

Syntax Syntax

  1. METHOD if_fpm_guibb~initialize.
  2. DATA ls_in_type_values TYPE wdr_context_attr_value.
  3. *call super method
  4. 	super->if_fpm_guibb~initialize(
  5. 		it_parameter      = it_parameter
  6. 		io_app_parameter  = io_app_parameter
  7. 		iv_component_name = iv_component_name
  8. 		is_config_key     = is_config_key
  9. ).
End of the code.