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Function documentationTalent Development


You can use this function to edit development plans for employees and monitor their progress. For example, talent development can be follow-up from a talent review meeting, or the identification of an employee as a successor for a key position.

Example Example

Example 1

An employee is identified as a top talent in a talent review meeting. The employee's manager sees the employee's need for development in some areas. Therefore, the manager and the responsible talent management specialist work together to create a development plan in which they record the development need and specify suitable development measures such as mentoring or training courses. The talent management specialist then creates this development plan for the employee.

Example 2

A talent management specialist assigns an employee to a position as a potential successor. However, for the employee to actually perform the tasks related to this position, he or she must develop further in some areas. Therefore, the talent management specialist and the employee's manager create a development plan for the employee.

End of the example.


The development plan is one of many possible processes for the talent assessment. For more information, see Talent Assessment.


  • In Customizing for Talent Management and Talent Development under Talent Assessment, you have defined a process for development plans and thus created a template that can be used as the basis for creating development plans.

  • To be able to edit development plans, the newest version of Adobe Flash Player must be installed on your PC.


  • You can add one or more development goals for each development area that is defined in the template. You have the following options:

    • You can define any development goal.

    • You can add competencies (qualifications) from the qualifications catalog as development goals.

  • You specify a valid-from date and a due date for each development goal.

  • You can specify one or more development measures for each development goal. To do so, you have the following options:

    • You select a suitable course from the course catalog.

    • You can define any measure.

    You can define a status and description for each development measure.

  • You can enter a note for each development goal.

  • You can track the development goals. To do so, you can define the following information:

    • Progress in percent

    • Fulfillment level using a ranking scale

      In Customizing, you specify which scale is available.

  • You can display the change history of the development plan.

    For example, you can see who has made changes to the development plan and when the status was changed. In Customizing, you specify which action triggers which status change.

  • You can complete a development plan that has been processed. You cannot make changes to completed development plans.