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  Working with Account Assignment

The system can post entries in the billing documents automatically to the relevant accounts. To do this, it must first carry out account assignment. It can do this depending on the following elements:

  • Chart of accounts of the company code

  • Sales organization

  • Account assignment group of the customer (from the customer master record, Billing screen, Account group field)

  • Account assignment group of the material (from the material master record, Sales 2 screen, Account assignment group field)

  • Account key (from the pricing procedure)

The system carries out account assignment using the condition technique. This means that you can define the account assignment to suit your needs. Your system administrator is responsible for setting up the necessary condition records.

To Which Accounts Are Postings Made?

Account assignment is used to find

  • the revenue accounts to which prices are posted

  • the sales deduction accounts to which surcharges and discounts are posted

In the standard version of the SAP System, all billing types are defined in such a way that the offsetting entry is made to the customer account. If you want the offsetting entry to be made to a G/L account (for example, to a cash clearing account), a billing type which contains the cash clearing key EVV must be defined. The system uses this key to post the billing document amount to the appropriate G/L account. Consult your system administrator if you require a billing type of this sort to be defined.

Note Note

If errors occur in account assignment, the system will not be able to forward the billing data on to Accounting. You can use the function Account Assignment Analysis to find out where the errors have occurred.

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Cash Account Determination using the Condition Technique

The cash account can be determined using the condition technique in the same way as for the G/L account. You make the settings for this in Customizing for the SD basic functions.

Determining the Reconciliation Account using the Condition Technique.

The reconciliation account can now be determined via the condition technique in much the same way as for the sales revenue/sales deduction accounts. This means that you can (for example) use the billing type to determine a completely different account.

You make the settings for this in Customizing for the SD basic functions.

If the condition technique cannot determine an account, then posting to the reconciliation account is carried out from the customer master.