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Function documentationLeave Request


This application enables you to control the processing of leave requests and other absences. The application comprises the entire leave request process. The process starts with the creation of a leave request and the processing of it, before it is finally posted to the back-end system. Employees can track and monitor the request status, or delete or cancel a request.

The Leave Request application comprises the following applications that are tailored to the needs of employees and managers, and provide practical contextual information:

  • Create Leave Request: The application for employees who want to request, change, or cancel leave. Employees can request both absences (infotype 2001) and attendances (infotype 2002). Both single approval and multiple approval options for a leave request are available.

    Note Note

    You can use this function only if your employees enter their own leave requests in Employee Self-Service (Web Dynpro ABAP). It is not suitable if you have time administrators who record absences on behalf of the employees.

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  • Leave Overview: The application for employees who want to display their leave requests, and review, change, or cancel existing leave or other types of absences.

  • Approve Leave Request: The application for managers who want to approve the leave requests. In the case of multiple approvals for a leave request, the request has to be approved by multiple approvers in a pre-defined sequence.

    Note Note

    You do not have to implement this Web Dynpro application. Alternatively, you can use a simple back-end report.

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Employees and managers use Web Dynpro applications in Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) when they process leave requests.


  • You have integrated the Web applications with the relevant portal pages. For more information, see the Business Package for Manager Self-Service (MSS).

  • You have set up the Web application in Customizing. For more information, see Customizing under Start of the navigation path Personnel Management Next navigation step Employee Self-Service (Web Dynpro ABAP) Next navigation step Service-Specific Settings Next navigation step Working Time Next navigation step Leave Request End of the navigation path.

  • You have made the following settings in the Communication (0105) infotype for all employees:

    • Specified the system user name in the System User Name SAP System (SY-UNAME) (0001) subtype.

    • Stored the e-mail address in the E-Mail (0010) subtype.


As a system administrator, you can do the following:

  • Process records from the Attendances (2002) infotype that are treated as absences in your company, for example, training courses.

  • Make Customizing settings to do the following:

    • Control the absence and attendance types requested by employees

    • Define the periods before and after an absence during which employees are permitted to request leave in advance or retroactively. You can define different periods for different absence and attendance types.

    • Define the actions an employee is permitted to carry out. For example, you can specify whether an employee is permitted to change or delete an absence that has already been approved.

    • Enable the Attachment function for an absence or attendance request.

    • Enhance the search criteria and search results when searching for an approver.

  • Use Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) to customize the application to suit your requirements. For example, adjust the processing process to suit your needs, or import and change data. You can also use the BAdI to specify the following details for leave requests that require multiple approvers:

    • The number of approval levels, based on leave request attributes such as the leave type or leave period

    • The default approvers for all levels. Alternatively, you can allow employees to input the names of the approvers manually.

    • Whether to use the approvers an employee has selected for a previous leave request as default approvers in a new leave request

    • What actions an employee is permitted to carry out. For example, you can specify whether an employee is allowed to add or remove approvers, or to change the sequence of approvers when creating or editing a leave request.

    For more information about multiple approvals for a leave request, see the business function HCM, Multiple Approvals for Leave Request in ESS and MSS (HCM_TIM_WDA_1).

    Note Note

    The standard workflow template WS33700137 is provided for multiple approval scenario. You should use workflow template WS33700137 as the template for your own customer-defined workflow template.

    End of the note.

    Schedule back-end reports as a periodic background process. The reports send e-mails to employees to notify them of the status of their leave request. Approvers and time administrators are notified of leave requests that they have to process. If you want to use SAP Business Workflow, the same reports are processed with the corresponding workflow tasks. For more information about the workflow, see General Workflow for Documents.