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 Bill of Material (BOM) Categories in Plant Maintenance

The bill of material type is defined by the type of master record that you assign to the bill of material. The following types of BOM are found in Plant Maintenance:

  • Material BOMs

  • Equipment BOMs

  • Functional location BOMs

The following additional BOM types are available in Plant Maintenance:

  • Simple bills of material

  • Variant bills of material

  • Multiple bills of material

The technical BOM category for each newly-defined BOM is the simple BOM . This is normally sufficient for work in Plant Maintenance.

If you maintain a number of technical objects composed of similar or identical parts, you can extend the simple BOM to a Variant BOM or Multiple BOM .


Material BOM

It is created with a direct link to a material master record. The material master record contains, among other items, descriptive data (for example, weight and dimensions) and control data (for example, material type and industry sector).

Material BOMs are used in a company to map the structure of assemblies to be maintained.

Bills of Material for Technical Objects

Bills of material are used to describe the structure of a technical object and to allocate spare parts for maintenance purposes. BOMs for technical objects can be created individually for a specific technical object or for a group of technical objects.

A BOM can be linked to a technical object in two ways:

  • By direct assignment: directly assigned BOM

If you create a bill of material directly for a technical object, it is assigned directly . If all the technical objects are identical in terms of structure, the BOM items are valid for all the allocated technical objects.

  • By indirect assignment: indirectly assigned BOM

For technical objects that have a material BOM - if you enter a material number in the Construction type field of a master record, the material BOM is indirectly assigned to the object. This is a good idea when a company has several identical technical objects grouped under one material number (see map).

Indirectly assigned BOMs are displayed as follows for the structural display of a technical object:

  • As soon as the field Construction Type is filled in the master record for the technical object, the construction type is displayed with the structural display.

  • If the construction type is assigned to a material BOM, this is also displayed underneath the construction type.

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