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 Forwarding Billing Data to Controlling

Costs and revenues can be assigned to the following sub-ledgers:

  • Profit center

  • Cost center

  • Extended general ledger

  • Projects

  • Make-to-order sales orders

  • Plant maintenance orders

  • Profitability analysis (COPA)

  • Cost collector

For make-to-order sales orders and projects, costs are not assigned to profitability analysis by the billing document but instead when the make-to-order sales order or project is settled.

Costs for a plant maintenance order can only be assigned by the resource-related billing document.

Adding Costs of Sub-items to Main Item

Costs of sub-items that are not relevant to the cost price and/or the billing price, can be added to the cost of the main item.

You can activate this function in Customizing for copying control at item level. If the item category is not relevant for cost price and/or billing, then the costs of the sub-items in the delivery are added to the cost of the main item. The sub-items can arise from a batch split, free goods or the explosion of configurable materials.

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For more information see the CO Controlling documentation.