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  Selecting Open Items


The account maintenance requires you to enter selection criteria to define which open items are to be considered for clearing.


  1. Choose one of the following paths:

    • Roles Start of the navigation path Account Maintenance, Transfers, Reversals(SAP_FI_CA_ACCOUNT_MAIN_REVERS) Next navigation step Account Maintenance End of the navigation path

    • SAP Menu Start of the navigation path Account Next navigation step Maintain End of the navigation path

  2. On the screen Account Maintenance: Select Account , specify at least the contract account, contract, or - if the field is active - the broker .

  3. Add the contract account for the business partner or the business partner for the contract account and the desired company code or an upper limit for the due date.

    Note Note

    Note that items with clearing restrictions are not selected. A clearing restriction only allows the clearing of the item within certain transactions. A budget billing payment for utilities can thus only be cleared during a final settlement.

    End of the note.
  4. Specify the posting parameters (see Parameters for Clearing Documents ).