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 Selecting and Displaying the Current Controlling Area


When you call up the first business transaction in Controlling, you need to select a controlling area.

You cannot execute a transaction for more than one controlling area at the same time.

If you are working with multiple sessions, note that changing the controlling area setting in one session affects all other sessions. It is not possible to work with different controlling areas in different sessions.


Enter the controlling area in the dialog box. The system saves your entry as a user parameter so that you do not need to enter the controlling area again.

If you mainly work in the same controlling area, you can store a default value as a user parameter:

Choose System User Profile User Parameters

Enter CAC as the parameter ID (for controlling area).

Enter the required controlling area as a parameter value in the dialog box.

Save your entries.

At the next system logon, the system automatically sets the specified controlling area.

You can display or change the current controlling area in any transaction in Controlling. Choose Extras Set CO Area A dialog box appears displaying the current controlling area. You can overwrite it if you want.