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This Web Dynpro component is an Application Configuration Controller (AppCC) component for the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Personal Profile application. The Personal Profile application calls this Web Dynpro component before rendering. This component performs the following modifications to the Personal Profile application depending on the maintained configuration.

Dynamic Screen Modification Based on Action Configuration

The different actions which could be performed on a particular User Interface Building Block (UIBB) are the following:

  • Hide

  • Do Not Hide

  • Replace

  • Replace Tabbed Overview

For the description of the actions see Maintaining the Application Configuration Controller (AppCC).

Application Title Handling
  • Overview Screen Title Handling

    In systems where Concurrent Employment (CE) is not activated, the overview screen title would be the same as the title maintained in the content area property TITLE. In a CE system the current accessed assignment is appended with the title maintained as content area property for the overview screen. This helps ESS users to know which assignment is being processed.

  • Detail Screen Title Handling

    The detail screen title is entirely controlled by the AppCC. The title maintained as content area property in the detail UIBB is completely ignored. The standard customizing for the infotype or subtype text maintenance forms a part of this title which could be maintained to achieve a specific title.

For more information, see Application Title Handling.

Dynamic Wire Creation

The component performs dynamic wire maintenance in the following ways:

  • Overview navigation wires

  • Detail navigation wires

  • Level zero wires

  • Composite overview UIBB wires

For the description of the options for dynamic wire creation, see Dynamic Wiring.


The component delegates its configuration maintenance view to the HRESS_C_PERSINFO_CONFIG_C component.

Note Note

The component implements the IF_FPM_OVP_CONF_EXIT interface to make changes to the FPM OVP Personal Profile application.

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