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 Automatic Postings During Clearing


The clearing of open items often requires additional postings. As long as these postings result directly from the data of the clearing, the corresponding document items are created automatically in the clearing document. Both business partner items and G/L items are created as automatic postings.


For the system to be able to create the corresponding document items without any action by the user, you must have defined the correct accounts for the various accounting transactions and also defined the account assignments in Customizing. (In Customizing for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable , choose Start of the navigation path Basic Functions Next navigation step Postings and Documents Next navigation step Document Next navigation step Define Account Assignments for Automatic Postings. End of the navigation path )


Automatic postings during clearing (G/L items)

Posting created



Cash discounts paid

Cash discount allowed

Small differences

The clearing does not balance to zero, but the total balance is within the allowed tolerance.

You define tolerances in Customizing (see Customizing for Start of the navigation path Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable Next navigation step Basic Functions Next navigation step Open Item Management Next navigation step Define Tolerance Groups), End of the navigation path and you enter them in the contract account master record.

Revenue from charges

A statistical charge is cleared.

This item represents the offsetting entry for non-statistical charges.


Cash discounts were paid or charges due were calculated and these postings have to be corrected for the tax amount.

The G/L account for cash discount expenditures or charges calculated controls whether a tax adjustment is made. Tax amounts are calculated and posted automatically if the G/L account is tax relevant (master record attribute) and if a tax ID is entered in the open item itself.

Withholding tax

Items relevant for withholding tax are cleared and the clearing process is also relevant for withholding tax (payment).

Other taxes

A statistical receivable is cleared.

Exchange rate differences

Open items are cleared if they were not posted in the local currency, or if you use parallel currencies (group currency or index-based currency) that do not match the local currency.

Automatic postings during clearing (business partner items)

Posting created




A statistical charge is cleared

The open item that represents the non-statistical charge is immediately cleared by the clearing document 1)

Down payment

Budget billing payment

Security deposit request

Down payment requests, budget billing payments or security payments are cleared.


1) With the proper authorization, statistical charges, down payment requests, and budget billing payments (statistical items) can be cleared without a subsequent posting (see Resetting Statistical Open Items ). This means that the related receivable is waived.