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 Change History


You can display a change history using the change documents, for changes made:

  • To a business partner

  • To a field

  • To all data for the Business Partner, for example

    • Roles

    • Addresses

    • Identification numbers

    • Industries

    • Bank details

    • Payment cards

    • Status

    • Relationship data

You can display the change history for a business partner displayed in the dialog.

You can display change documents for several business partners for a selected period, and also according to additional selection criteria, using the report BUSCHDOC


You have carried out the report BUPSELG5 or, if required, the report BUPSELG0 (differentiation criteria) to generate the selection options of report BUSCHDOC.


  • Choose Start of the navigation path Extras Next navigation step Change History End of the navigation path in the menu of the Business Partner dialog in the SAP GUI to display the change history for a business partner, a field or the status of a business partner.

  • In order to display the change history for business partner data, such as the roles, the address overview or the payment transactions, choose the pushbutton Change History on the relevant tab page or under Role Detail .

  • In order to display the change history for relationship data, choose the pushbutton Display Relationship in the tab Relationships , and then the pushbutton Field Changes in the following dialog box.


You display all the changes made to several business partners of your choice in December 2004.