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Function documentationVariant 4: Flexible Appraisal Process for Performance and Additional Categories, Talent Assessment for Potential and Additional Categories


You use the flexible appraisal process for Performance Management to appraise the following categories:

  • Performance

  • Additional categories such as risks and derailers

You use the talent assessment to appraise the following categories:

  • Potential

  • Additional categories such as competencies


The process is as described under Calibration Process for Employee Assessments.

Special Features

Step 1: The HR department or the managers can use the following applications to create the appraisal documents:

Step 4: For the participants of the talent review meeting to be able to display the categories appraised using the talent assessment in the talent profile, the relevant documents must be completed. Therefore, you cannot make any more changes to the appraisals for these categories during or after the talent review meeting.